Recorded at TEDxBoulder in June, 2019. "Do you have multiple professional identities? Do you struggle to describe to other people what you do?” Hybrid professionals are workers who blend and combine their different professional identities together, working from the intersections of those identities. This is what makes them unique and valuable, but up until now, we haven't had a way to articulate it. Hybridity is a critical way to conceptualize the workforce, and it's time we recognize and accept this key idea.


Magic Carpet Life - Episode 04: The Magic of Multiple Professional Identities with Dr. Sarabeth Berk

Every great story starts with a crisis.

Sarabeth Berk was working as an art teacher in Aspen, CO when she began to get restless. “Yes, I was teaching art. But I was ready to proclaim that I was more than that title. Inside of me is an innovator, a disrupter, a systems developer, and I had to let go of outside perceptions, and go through the question of where do I belong in my work?” Her journey took into deep research to eventually get her PhD while she explored this question with countless professionals: “What are you doing when you feel most alive?” And she took that inquiry into the workplace, where identity is most often etched with a black Sharpie.

It’s what has led her to begin writing her book More Than My Title which is a self-fulfilling prophecy and message of hope for the new breed of professionals finding their way in an ever-expanding gig economy.




EP 056: How to Become More Than Your Title, More Than Your Major, More Than Your Grades, with Dr. Sarabeth Berk



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